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Dan Bickley

The Arizona Republic


Some U.S. women's teams put on best show in Athens

August 28, 2004 | There is a platinum medal to be awarded. There are three teams competing for the highest honor of the 2004 Olympics. They're not men's teams.

Question lingers: Is it safe to believe Jones?

August 25, 2004 | Forget about the long jump. This is a giant leap of faith. These are three innocent sprinters, sharing a baton and their medal hopes with Marion Jones, knowing she could take them all down with one horrific lie.

To see spirit of Olympics, go to village

August 24, 2004 | In the Olympic village, where athletes from 202 countries reside within a three-mile radius, you find the true genius of the Summer Games.

Iraqi soccer team toast of Olympics

August 23, 2004 | Welcome to another strange political twist at the Summer Olympics where our disgraced hoops outfit has become the Scream Team, the team everybody wants to lose, and the Iraqi men's soccer team has become the toast of Greece and the global media.

Grief is all Hall Jr. gets for medals

August 23, 2004 | That was a gorgeous robe Gary Hall Jr. wore to the starting blocks the other night -- it looked like an American flag, a visual so striking that it ended up in newspapers all across the country -- so naturally that explains why the U.S. Swimming federation hammered Hall Jr. with a $5,000 fine for his choice in pre-race attire.

Afghan woman's win was being there

August 20, 2004 | An Afghan woman let her heart and her hair fly free, running in public without fear of retribution or shame.

Little gymnast gives big dose of star power

August 19, 2004 | Meet Carly Patterson, the new queen of Pixie Mountain. She became the first American female to win the Olympic all-around title since the great Mary Lou Retton in 1984.

Great stadium comes back to life for day

August 18, 2004 | The Athens Games jumped up in class on a surreal afternoon in Olympia, a remote village more than 200 miles from the host city where they staged the shot put in the cradle of sport, in a tiny outpost that keeps its spirit burning hotter than the Olympic torch.

Time to retire Dream Team name

August 17, 2004 | While Tuesday's victory may soothe America's national angst for the moment, the declining state of USA basketball is a problem that's not going away.

Phelps’ quest became overshadowed by jealousy, odd agendas

August 16, 2004 | Although Michael Phelps should be applauded for being ambitious enough to take aim at Mark Spitz's legendary record, there is no shortage of shame in the story, a trumped-up adventure that became clouded by jealousy, resentment, magazine covers and strange agendas.

Bade guns for gold, but comes up short

August 15, 2004 | Far away from the NBC cameras, there’s a whole different Olympiad to be found, where security is around to guard the equipment, not the athletes.

Team USA in no-win situation

August 14, 2004 | It seems as if Team USA senses they're about to lose a game, their gold medals and their grip on a sport once considered an American heirloom.

Greek tragedy one we can live with

August 13, 2004 | Tragedy has hit the host city. Fortunately, it was not the kind that goes boom in broad daylight. This one merely had locals crying in their Ouzo.

Team USA mandate: Play nice at all costs

August 12, 2004 | In one form or another, the 538 American athletes have all been told to limit the gyrations and celebrations, thus reshaping the view of America in three short weeks.



11:32 pm | August 29, 2004

Jamaican bobsledders race to find sponsors

11:30 pm | August 29, 2004

NBC Universal's gamble on Olympics pays off

9:32 pm | August 29, 2004

Young Chinese team exerts its strength

7:39 pm | August 29, 2004

Boxer ends drought, earns gold for USA

7:22 pm | August 29, 2004

Security issues fade as Games roll smoothly to close

6:59 pm | August 29, 2004

USA surpasses its medals goal

6:43 pm | August 29, 2004

South Korean gymnast appeals to arbitrator

2:30 pm | August 29, 2004

Athens games heralded as success

1:39 pm | August 29, 2004

Deposed USOC chief feels pride from a distance

12:47 pm | August 29, 2004

Medal try slips away from wrestler Williams


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Some U.S. women's teams put on best show in Athens

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